I am the Owner of Pipers Pins. Shoes & Legs Accessories that is what I do. I just love High Heels, I love wearing them and selling them to other Shoe Lovers. I am based in Brisbane, Australia and its not uncommon to find me wearing my high heels around my house. I have a Dachshund named Frankie and a crazy rescue cat from the RSPCA named Nemo.

  1. Pretty Toes (Taken with instagram)

    Pretty Toes (Taken with instagram)

  2. diydiaries:

    DIY $5 Wall Art

    Cupcake wrappers become funky abstract art.

    Here’s how: Look for a rippled plastic sheet used for industrial lighting covers. I found mine at a local home center. Use a large ruler and a crafts knife to cut the plastic sheet into four equal-size squares. Set the squares on a flat surface or floor. Arrange your cupcake liners on top—the more random the pattern, the better.

    When you’re happy with the placement of the cupcake liners, use a droplet of glue to affix the liners to the plastic sheets. Because the liners are thin, the glue will bleed through the paper, so add more liners inside to hide the glue spots. Use a glue stick to attach the second layer of liners; it won’t show through the paper. Use strong glue to attach a picture hanger to the back, or attach to the wall using strong adhesive dots!

    (Source: zaharoula)

  3. #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

  4. #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

  5. #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

  6. #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

  7. #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

  8. Fast asleep beside while I work on my website. (Taken with instagram)

    Fast asleep beside while I work on my website. (Taken with instagram)

  9. #tweegram #selfworth (Taken with instagram)

    #tweegram #selfworth (Taken with instagram)

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